HBO Announces Sampler Service, Offers Free Single Episodes Of Shows With Blu-ray Purchases

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 02, 2015 05:22 PM EST

HBO is continuining to move away from the traditional television model, and has announced a new offer for Blu-ray customers.

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Anyone who purchases Blu-ray versions of HBO's series will get access to the new HBO Sampler, a rotating offering of full HBO and Cinemax episodes and other content without a subscription.

By loading your disc into an internet-connected Blu-ray device, you're offered the option to launch the HBO Sampler. From that, you can watch episodes of up to four different HBO shows--again, even without a subscription to the premium cable channel. The content will be updated quarterly to reflect the new HBO rotations.

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Right now with HBO Sampler, customers can watch the season 1 premiere episodes of Girls, Looking and Banshee, all of which are airing new episodes now. In April, new episodes will become available as more shows begin their new seasons. This includes the season 1 premiere episodes of Game of Thrones, VEEP, and Silicon Valley.

HBO notes that at this time HBO Sampler will only offer the single episodes, but specifically mentions the ability to update content at any time, which "could include" access to new series soon after they air, exclusive trailers, and more.

The current Blu-ray titles that offer the sampler are as follows: Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season, True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season, True Blood: The Complete Seventh Season, Boardwalk Empire: The Complete 4th Season, Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fifth Season, The Newsroom: The Complete Second Season and True Detective.

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