10 New GTA Online Verified Jobs Released, Include First Last Team Standing Matches, More Races

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 03, 2015 07:35 PM EST

The march of new player-created jobs for GTA Online continues on, with Rockstar today announcing 10 new additions to the roster of activities.

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This is the first batch that includes jobs using the Last Team Standing mode, so five of the 10 center around that. The other five, then, consist of new activities across the rest of the job types. Here's the new LTS modes:

Stealth Required! LTS (by sgt-vaguepouch) is an arena-style LTS in the woods around Raton Canyon, in which you must use the cover and natural contours of a gully to ambush your opponents. You're always visible on radars in Last Team Standing, so you must coordinate with teammates to lay the right trap. San Andreas Shootout LTS (by wafflemann) poses different challenges to each team, with the robber side entrenched on a rooftop as the cop team approaches in vehicles. The robbers have the height advantage but nowhere to run, while the cops must work together to not get taken down from above. Lumberjack LTS (by MRPTHUGLIFE) is a vechicle-centric job that offers each team tanks and buzzards, with more gifts hidden on the map.

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The final two LTS jobs are Close Quarters LTS (by Matt-Conman), and Bowl Brawl LTS (by coleco-vision). The former is a fast-paced arena job with quick and dirty rounds, while the latter is a deatmatch that will force you to gamble on making a run for the RPG. The other five non-LTS jobs are Contend: Zombie Town by count_poopula, Rodeo Loop by mozo15 , Border War by TRIPLE_extremo14, Bahama West Mama Mia! by bobchilli, and The Slipstream GP  by MossyTossy.

Rockstar notes it reserves the right to edit the names of user-created jobs for taste or copyright before posting, and often tweaks aspects such as spawns or weapons to improve balance. If you're playing GTA Online, get out there and enjoy!

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