Spider-Man Unlimited Update 3 Adds New Bosses And Spideys To Crossover Event

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 06, 2015 11:25 AM EST

When you think about it, endless runner and Spider-Man seems like a no-brainer. Say what you will about any of the Spider-Man movies, but Peter soaring through the streets and skies of New York are some of the most magical moments.

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The magic continues with the latest update to Spider-Man Unlimited, the "narrative endless runner game" which adds a wealth of new content surrounding the Spider-Verse comic crossover event. Someone is out to take down not just a Spider-Man, but all Spider-Men (things get really convoluted in comic books).

Jennix and Daemos, another set of Totem Hunting brothers, are the latest members of the Inheritors to invade 616 in an effort to capture and kill every Spider-Man in an attempt to create a perfect, clone-able version. Players are tasked with surviving The Great Hunt, or else face the consequence of non-existence.

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And who will they be hunting this time? The eight new Spiders from across the Multi-verse: such as Fat Spider-Man from Earth X, Spider Girl and "Spider Punk". Tobey Maguire, is that you?

Plus, people can get a taste of the New York City subway experience with the "most realistic subway environment straight from" NYC! So prepare yourself for bizarre smells, even bizarrer delays, "Are you ready people?!" shouts from various subway performers and panhandlers making you feel very uncomfortable in a far too crowded train.

The update also adds several new event types, such as new leaderboard objectives, unlimited revive runs (yay) and limited runs.

Players with Apple devices gain exclusive access to the Chinese New Year event in which the Sinister Six are looking to mess things up for everyone again.

Aah, Spidey, what have you gotten yourself into this time? Download Spider-Man Unlimited for iOS and Android today.

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