Evangelion Another Impact: New Short Feels Like Pacific Rim But Better [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Feb 06, 2015 06:22 PM EST

You know how when you watched Pacific Rim you thought, "This is just CGI Evangelion?" Don't lie, we know you did, we all did. This short actually is CGI Evangelion and it's amazing.

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Evangelion: Another Impact is only five minutes long but every moment of it is intense. It opens with the normal testing sequences while the unit is in a hanger. Even then you can see the massive size of it.

Without warning, something goes wrong and it launches itself into a rampage. There's no reason given but regardless, the unit is unstoppable.

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Another Impact is part of a short film series where different creators create mini films based on pre-existing materials for the Japan Anima(tor) Exhibition. They're currently running a contest for creators all over the world to submit their opening scenes.

Which means that no matter how intriguing and wonderful Evengelion: Another Impact is (so wonderful) we're unlikely to see a full film that answers any of the questions placed in the five minute opening.


Even with that knowledge however, the short is very well made and obviously, ample attention was paid to creating the unit we see in the film.

You can go to the website for more information and access to other films in the series. They are all different but worth the time. 

The site also features production materials and stills.

You can watch Evangelion: Another Impact below.

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