House Of Cards Season 3 News And Spoilers: Will Doug Return Or Is He Gone For Good?

By Donyae , Updated Feb 08, 2015 02:22 PM EST

House of Cards season 3 is coming back at the end of the month but one character is definitely not returning. Doug is dead, dead, dead. This could be a huge pro for Frank Underwood in the coming season or a huge problem.

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Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) was Frank's go to guy when it came to fixing problems. At the end of last season you see him getting his pretty little head bashed in. If you've followed along with the British version of the show, you already knew that his character was down for the count.

In the American version it seemed pretty clear but then, nothing is as cut and dry as it seems. But as Starcasm points out, Kelly filmed two movies during the filming of season three for the series so really, there's no possible way he would have the time to show up for the coming episodes.

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He knew all of the Underwood's secrets so on the one hand, this is a one less possible leak they have to worry about. On the other hand, this means there is one less trustworthy person in Frank's corner which could be a larger problem.

Then there's the fact that his death may raise some questions. He didn't die under the least questionable of circumstances, his death in and of itself may raise some questions.

It's lonely at the top, Frank and there are far less shadows to hide in.

House of Cards returns on February 27.

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