Microsoft Will Never Make A Mascot Fighting Game*

By John Lichman , Updated Jun 09, 2012 01:09 PM EDT

If you thought the announcement and release of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal would force Microsoft to release the Xbox Brawl Jamboree, we've got great news for you!

They're not! Why is that great news? Kotaku caught up with Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft game studios, and point blank asked when we'd get our Master Chief brawl on (again). Spencer squashed it, played along a little and then laid out why the our Brawl Jamboree dreams will remain out there with Shenmue 3:

"I think [Sony] do[es] some great games. We're going to try to build games that actually create new opportunity on our platform. I don't really need to go and fill genres with the teams that we have. I don't compete with games that are already on my platform. Sure, all games on some level compete for a dollar bill, but for us it's really going to be to try to innovate."

Snap. The Brawl craze is at a low point right now, because Nintendo isn't giving up any info on the next Super Smash Brothers for WiiU. But let's address the 360 green elephants in the room when it comes to Xbox having a mascot battle game. Could they do it? Sure. Would a game of 30 different Master Chiefs battling Marcus, Dom, Baird and Cole Train from Gears of War, plus unlock General Raam as first-day DLC!

Stupid jokes aside, it's not like Microsoft would be hurting for characters. There's Master Chief, the COGs, Alan Wake and the Microsoft Game Studios properties. An Xbox Brawler, in theory, would be the same as Playstation's, complete with comical pairings of say a Grub battling 'Spolsion Man. For now, it's smart on Microsoft's part to say no to any proposed game because there's no telling how Sony's will perform. Sure, everyone loves Mario fighting Kirby, but that's mainly due to Nintendo's stance as a bubbly platformer with the occasional original adventure property. Xbox and Playstation are known for having more "mature" games content wise.

So for now, let's just stop the baw-ing and wait for the PS Brawl.

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