New Walking Dead Merchandise From The Coop Features Rick's Bag, Carol's Blade, And The Governor Chew Toys [IMAGES]

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 18, 2015 12:13 PM EST

The Walking Dead is back in a big way after a few seasons cast adrift. The characters are desperate - even Daryl's crying now - starving, almost feral. And they look like hell.

What? Rick Doesn't Trust Someone? I Am Shocked. Shocked I Tell You.

That doesn't mean you have to, or that everything associated with AMC's massive hit has to be in some state of decay. Enter The Coop, licensed clothing merchandiser extraordinaire. We previously told you that they were bringing a plethora of new Walking Dead swag to this year's annual North American International Toy Fair (doesn't the fact that it's international make it North American?). We can confirm that a) yes, The Coop did make a grand appearance with their new line, and b) it's really cool, and certainly utilitarian. They even feature a few things for your dog.

"Our approach to any license is to really absorb it, which was easy to do since we are huge followers of The Walking Dead. By getting to know the show inside and out, we identified unique elements of the property that led us to create some pretty special merchandise...items that represent the license well and pass the all-important loyal fan test," said Brandy Tanner, co-owner of The Coop.

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They showed off some Star Trek swag for you and your best friend. See? Everybody can win.

Our editor Alex Riviello was on hand at this year's Toy Fair to snap these shots of their lineup. First up, let's see what they have on offer for The Walking Dead.

The merchandise comes with little nods to the series. For instance, their duffel bag has the word Terminus crossed out the inside.

The Coop is not messing around any. Except when they are messing around, like with these chew toys!

I do not need any sort of backpack, but I definitely want to own one of these Star Trek bags.

When these are made available, you can see where you can pick them up at The Coop's site HERE.

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