Clash Of Clans 2015 Update Adds Clan Level And Perk System: Earn New Bonuses For Your Team Just By Playing

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 23, 2015 08:31 AM EST

The upcoming Clash of Clans update is all about the clans (bout the clans, no clashing).

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Forum mod Anoushka has revealed the new Clan Perk system. Now, instead of being a single staid entity, Clans - like players - can level up and earn new and exciting 'perks' for their trouble.

Supercell has shown off the upcoming list of available perks, which will be hitting Clash of Clans hopefully sometime mid-week.

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Clans earn Clan XP by participating in Clan Wars (and now the less aggressive members of your team can opt out, if they'd choose). The new leveling system allows Clans to progress to level 10 currently, but don't be surprised if and when that changes in the distant future.

Also don't be surprised when a clan out there gets to level 10 within about one hour.

The higher the clan goes, the more War loot they can stash from various skirmishes with opposing clans, the more loot they can receive as a bonus from Clan Wars, the less time they have to wait in order to request troops for their Clan Castle and the number of troops that a player can donate to the cause will be slowly upgraded across the levels.

Clans can also earn, and I quote "fancy badges" to show off to the world. And who doesn't love fancy badges?

When it was released, Clan Wars helped revitalize the game and bring it to the forefront of the App Store. Now, the game truly was all about the Clans. Supercell is paying homage to the incredible success Clan Wars has brought them and letting players invest more heavily into the content.

So, what do you think they'll show off tomorrow?

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