World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Update Adds The Imperial Steel Japanese Line of Light And Medium Vehicles [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Feb 25, 2015 11:37 AM EST

World of Tanks may be getting a next-gen upgrade in the coming months, but that does not mean Wargaming has forsaken its last-gen brethren. The company just added a wealth of new tanks as part of the Imperial Steel update to World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition.

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The Imperial Steel adds thirteen new vehicles to the tanker's already considerable arsenal. The Japanese artillery was known for its swiftness and maneuverability (there being little open land to move about) and as such, "the Japanese Tech Tree will initially field two branches with nine medium and four light tanks available for battle."

As part of the light tank tree, take control of the R. Otsu, the Ha-Go, the Ke-Ni and the Ke-Ho, and the medium line will consist of the Chi-Ni, STA-1, Type 61 Chi-Ri and others. We emphasize the supporting role of Japanese tanks. You will also gain access to the legendary Tier V Chi-Nu Kai. Remember: don't be a hero, stay back and assist the heavy hitters as best you can.

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Additionally, players can now wage war on the Sacred Valley map, "an abandoned village at the bottom of a serene-looking valley provides great cover for tanks of all sizes while bringing the opportunity for intense, short-range skirmishes." The map is bordered by cliffs, and the advantageous high ground will let long-range gunners rain the destruction on any tank unlucky enough to enter into their gun sights.

Check out the new guns in action via the official trailer, and be sure to get World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition today.

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