New Android Virus Is The Worst: New Malware Hijacks Users Phones When They Think They’ve Powered Off

By Donyae , Updated Feb 25, 2015 04:26 PM EST

You carry your phone with you all day. It's like your little sidekick (but hopefully not really a Sidekick because it's 2015 now) but a new virus will see your little buddy betraying you. Et tu, Android, et tu?

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A new bit of malware uses your phone to spy on you sending data to a third party. It does this by tricking you into thinking you've shut your phone off. You have not.

The phone will go through the entire process of shut down. The animation with the little goodbye tone plays, the screen goes black and you're good right? Nope, wrong!

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The phone is actually still on and able to function reported Mashable. The only way to truly be sure that the device is off is to pull the battery all together.

If you have a newer phone, this is likely not something you have to worry about as it infects devices running versions older than 5.0. Even so, according to AVG, there have been at least 10,000 devices infected with the malware already.

Most of the infections were reported in China but the thing about viruses is that they spread.

The worst thing about this (aside from everything) is that you'll likely be completely unaware that your phone is infected. When you shut it down, you generally stop paying attention to your phone.

You shut the phone off so you wouldn't have to check it at all.

If you have a phone that is below 5.0, run a scan to see if you've been hit. Be safe out there Android users.

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