Magic The Gathering Dragons Of Tarkir Booster Packaging Images Released: We Examine The Five New Pieces Of Art For Clues To Their Value

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 02, 2015 03:38 PM EST

In a movie befitting Captain Obvious, the new Magic: The Gathering set - titled Dragons of Tarkir - features on the booster and pack art...wait for it...wait...dragons.

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I know, totally shocking, right? Actually, it would have been surprising if there was not an emphasis on dragons. There are non-dragon people on two of the pack arts, but surely they have something to do with dragons, correct?

What they all mean - is this a new fancy Planeswalker or just some common thug? - is not yet known. Wizards of the Coast dev Blake Rasmussen, in an official blog post, is playing coy with our hearts and minds.

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Regardless, they're impressive looking bits of fantasy art, as are all things from the team overseeing Magic: The Gathering. Of the 256 cards of the Khans of Tarkir original set, and the additional 185 cards featured in Fate Reforged (which, together alongside Dragons of Tarkir represent a full "block" comprised of three sets), there are surprisingly few cards with the word 'dragon' in them. In fact, in Khans of Tarkir, there are no actual dragon creatures to be had in the set.

However, given the storyline of this particular set - which involves time-travel to a land once ruled over by the winged beasts - the dragons made a triumphant return in Fate Reforged during its release in January. None of the dragon card, from smaller creatures to the Legendary Creatures are less than Uncommon in rarity.

The other cards on the Fate Reforged booster packs were Temporal Temptress (Mythic Rare) and Vaultbreaker (Uncommon), so there's a good chance we're looking at some heavy hitters on these new packs. Potentially some of the broodmothers, for instance, one bears a striking resemblance to Atarka, while the looks to be part of Kolaghan's family. Regardless of who or what they may be, they're dragons and dragons are always cool. Especially in the case of that one dragon that is clearly shooting out ice, which is probably a member of the Ojutai brood.

Dragons Of Tarkir hits shelves on March 27. Read up on the full list of new Mechanics HERE.

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