'Tank Masters' Allows World of Tanks Fans To Build Their Own Tank With New iOS And Android App

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 04, 2015 09:58 AM EST

Have you ever been playing World of Tanks - as thoroughly researched a game as any - and thought, 'Man, I could make a tank better than this [insert random crappy mid-tier model]'? Well, you are in luck. Developer Bytex has released a BYOT: Build Your Own Tank smartphone app to let you do just that.

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Tank Masters lets you mix and match tank components in an unholy union of alchemy and scientific progress to create some of the world's mightiest machines. Players combine four basic 'elements' - turrets, armor, hulls etc - into newer and more powerful models, unlocking more elements along the way.

The game is a puzzle at heart, asking you to figure out the right process to 'solve' the problem. However, it will also teach you a good deal of military history with regards to the development of the tank and its use in 20th century warfare.

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Now, Wargaming, you promoted this game and while I know you're not technically affiliated with this group, could you get some sort of promotion going where players can design their own tank for eventual inclusion into the game? I promise I won't make Flamekiller Deathbox 9000... again. Not after last time.

Tank Masters is focused heavily on the Soviet era of tank dominance - which makes sense, as it is a Russian game, but we hope that they can expand their scope of history and include tanks from the German, American, Japanese and other countries from the time period.

You can download Tank Masters for free for both iOS and Android today.

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