The Sad Origin of The Creeper Revealed

By , Updated Jun 14, 2012 01:56 PM EDT

The Creepers are given a bad rap when it comes to playing Minecraft. They're not nearly as terrifying as the Endermen, and they're even fairly social when you realize they like to travel in packs. If we had to think of one fault they had,it'd be their painful social awkwardness. Always hissing and slurring their 's' words when they probably just want directions to meet up with their friends.

Which is why it's important to know the motivation behind Creepers before you just try to bash their heads in with a diamond pick-axe.

They think of the animals and the forrest, while most dudes in blue shirts just mine and heartlessly murder talking pigs. We hope you think twice next time you senselessly attack a Creeper while you're building a castle in the sky or a freakishly accurate functional computer server.

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