Warhammer Snotling Fling Flies Onto iOS And Android Devices Today Because There Aren't Enough Warhammer Games [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 05, 2015 08:31 AM EST

Well, the day ends in 'y', so it must mean that yet another Warhammer game has been announced.

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The latest culprit is Warhammer: Snotling Fling, a premium mobile title that gives you command over a gang of Snotlings, the mischievous, puppy-like Greenskin race that makes up for its lack of intelligence with enthusiasm. Send them flying high through the air in search of human encampments in a 3D Angry Birds type challenge.

The game comes with 60 levels of varying difficulties, a cast of characters - each with his own set of skills and a plethora of spells to lay waste to any remaining structures that survive your artillery assault. Warning, Warhammer terms alert incoming: "Players can also knock down enemy fortifications with a number of realm shaking spells that can make Squigs rain from the skies and even summon the Foot of Gork. Spells cost Teef to cast which players collect as currency on their quest to destroy The Empire and defeat the Amber Wizard Ostergrim."

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"It's incredibly exciting to be working with Games Workshop on a Warhammer license. Many Wicked Witchers, including the games Producer Krister Monsvik, and Lead Programmer, Stephen Anderson are huge Warhammer fans, and we're confident that this shines through in the game." Said Daniel Visser, Managing Director of Wicked Witch Software, the company behind the game's development.

Snotling Fling joins Carnage, Space Wolf, Warhammer Quest and I am sure I am missing at least three more titles set within the expansive Warhammer universe on your mobile devices.

You can pick up Snotling Fling for $3.99 on iOS and Google Play today. Watch the trailer. Even our cynical hearts have to admit that it looks like a goofy good time.

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