Stronghold Kingdoms Rise Of The Wolf DLC Invades The Medieval MMORTS And Brings Along An Old Enemy [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 05, 2015 12:46 PM EST

The Wolf has risen at last.

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Starting today, Stronghold Kingdoms players can test their wits against one of the series' fiercest villains, The Wolf, who has returned to conquer all. The free expansion recreates several original Stronghold mechanics in the MMORTS strategy game for PC and Mac.

"The idea with Rise of The Wolf is to invert the gameplay of Stronghold Kingdoms. We're turning Kingdoms' hardcore player-versus-player gameplay on its head and challenging people to work together, to defeat a common enemy", said Simon Bradbury, Creative Director at Firefly Studios. "While you can still enjoy a more pure PvP experience on the regular game worlds, we developed Rise of The Wolf because it offers a new way to play our MMO for those who enjoy or indeed prefer PvE. I can't wait to see what tactics players use to take down The Wolf, The Snake, The Pig and The Rat!"

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"Players must fight for both land lost to the invaders and for the support of the people. Only by engaging enemy troops to take back villages and winning votes in the political arena, right down to the level of each parish, can players hope to succeed."

The expansion hopes to create a greater single-player experience for the shier members of the community. Just remember, a human being has empathy, but the chances of the Wolf, Pig or Rat taking pity on you is small. They are not programmed that way. You can capture their villages and strongholds, sure, but they can capture and raze yours should they wish - and with the size of the chip on their shoulder, expect them to.

Additionally, "Rise of The Wolf will not be time-limited and will feature rounds of prize giving like a normal world, as opposed to a single prize at the end." So there's more incentive to control the battle than ever before.

You can download Stronghold Kingdoms for both PC and Mac OS for free today. Watch the trailer below and prepare yourself. Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not.

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