Batman Hotel Room In Taiwan Allows You To Stay In The ‘Batcave’ For A Few Hours

By Donyae , Updated Mar 05, 2015 02:16 PM EST

Spending your night like Batman actually sounds kind of terrible. Staying outside, fighting off thugs and villains? No thank you. Spending the night in a Batman-themed room sounds amazing though. One hotel in Taiwan can make that dream come true.

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The Batman room is one of many rooms in the establishment based on popular movies and television, reports the Daily Mail. The Batman room features a double bed situated in a room made up to take the appearance of a cave. The Batcave. There are Batman logos all over the place as well as a seat designed to look like the Batmobile.

Along with gargoyles designed to give the room more of that Gothic feel that is associated with Gotham you will find bats and posters in homage to the fan favorite film. To be honest, the room is a little bright for Batman but still, really cool.

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The Eden Motel has various rooms based off of movie properties including one that is focused on The Mummy and another around Sherlock. It's a movie buffs dream destination.

There's only one strange thing about it though. The rooms aren't really rented for the night, they're paid for in one to three hour increments. The Bat-Room is currently £40 for a three hour stay.

Still, if you're looking for a break from your real life for an afternoon and happen to be in Taiwan, you can check into the Eden Motel and pretend you're Batman.

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