Candy Crush Saga Update 1.48.0 Adds 15 New Levels, Takes You To The Gummy Galaxy

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 16, 2015 10:36 AM EDT

The latest Candy Crush Saga update will take players...out of this world.

Life Is Strange Runs...Out Of Time Next Week

When King isn't busy suing or being sued by a great many people, they roll out updates to their many, many games on a fairly frequent basis. After a while, every junkie gets used to the stuff you're slinging, so you need to provide new and exciting experiences to keep em coming back.

Gummy Galaxy, the latest episode to King's crown jewel freemium game, introduces you to the Candy UFO, which has made a long and sugary trek towards our little slice of sweetness. With this strange traveler comes 15 new levels, giving players, dabblers, junkies and pushers 860 regular levels - with more included inside the Dreamworld Adventures.

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1300 levels is more than enough to keep you occupied.

King is currently involved in a class action lawsuit that alleges that the company has denied players donated lives. An offense that seems small - a life in Candy Crush has been determined to be valued at about 20 cents - but when you extrapolate that over several million players, you have the workings of a slightly damaging suit. Granted, King will recoup all of that money in a day, but the PR hit would be a nightmare.

You can see for yourself by downloading Candy Crush Saga on iOS and Android. They update the game about every two to three weeks. So we'll see you then!

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