‘Cards Against Humanity’ Players: Watch 14 Famous Celebs Play The Game For Horrible People [VIDEO]

By Donyae Coles , Updated Mar 19, 2015 02:32 PM EDT

Who plays Cards Against Humanity? Everyone. Everyone plays it because we are all secretly horrible people and that's ok. Horrible is the new black. You know what else? Famous people are just like us. Here are 14 stars playing the most non-PC card game ever invented.

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First up, is Lance Armstrong who possibly has the worst (or best luck) when drawing cards. Check out his tweet on the matter. At least he still has a sense of humor about it, right?

It should come as no surprise that Seth Rogan and Craig Robinson, two actors known for their time making dick jokes, really enjoy the game whose focus is to make the best raunchy jokes. You can check out this video to see what they come up with.


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The cast of Glee- Lea Michelle, Chris Coffer, Keanna Ushkowitz, Chord Overstreet, and Drren Crisis played the game with Ellen. Sure it's an episode made for daytime TV so they couldn't go all out, but you know they're all sitting back stage on set giggling at their own dark humor.


 Aaron Paul and Jessica Biel also play (maybe even together). I'm sure "bitch" comes up a lot in one of their games. Beil tweeted her love for the game, and Paul made this great video with Nerdist while he played it.

Even the ladies from Downtown Abbey (Laura Carmichael, Lesley Nicol, and Phyllis Logan) play the game, thanks to Huffington Post. Those Brits though, they seem very polite but once you get past the accent, they've got some dirty minds. The Dowager Countess most likely does not approve. She is clutching her pearls in disapproval.

Cards Against Humanity is a card game that tasks its players to reach into the darkest, blackest depths of their soul and let loose whatever horrible ideas they find there. That reason you're going to hell? In this game, you get points for laughing at it, and famous people are no better at not laughing than we are.

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