The Best 'Dark Souls' & 'Bloodborne' Cosplay: A Gallery Of The Most Impressive Tributes To From Software's Brutal Games

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 25, 2015 02:45 PM EDT

In honor of the release of Bloodborne, we're dedicating this week to some of history's most notoriously difficult games.

I Beat Battletoads And No One Believes Me

When the original Demon's Souls hit back in 2009 it was like a blast from the past. Sure games were hard, but this was on a whole other level. It was like being transported back to the 80s and 90s, when things were punishingly, overwhelmingly difficult just because they could be.

A cult of appreciation sprung up from around From Software's original title, and it only continued with its successors, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, as well as Bloodborne. In addition to the legendary difficulty, the games' art style influenced a ton of cosplay designers who wished to bring a little of that darkness into the real world.

Bloodborne Patch Will Fix Load Times And Minor Bug Fixes

We've gathered some of the best, notable or in certain cases, funny cosplay from the past few years.

Attribution when possible.

Finding the best Artorias is tough, he's a fan favorite dating back to the original Dark Souls. Attribution.

Of course, sometimes you just have to bring along some friends to really make the costume work. Here's Solaire, a Capra demon and Artorias posing menacingly at Acen 2013

Sword aside, we always love the impressive looking but still DIY attitude of a great homemade piece, as evidenced by this Lautrec piece from blatsuura. Not the bees, not the bees!

Joining Lautrec (different actor) is The Faraam Knight and the Elite Knight. You can watch them all in action via this video.

However, in terms of sheer impressiveness (and what looks like functionality) this Garl Vinland cosplay from Deviantart user corroder666 is second to none.

The armor is half the fun - okay, nearly all the fun - of Dark Souls cosplay, but there are a few... less dramatic costumes you can toss on. Such as the Thief's costume from Deviantart member hellduck:

Or this Oolacile outfit from LeapingLizardCosplay:

For those wishing for a little non bipedal excitement, the Lord of Death costume is fitting.

He's also great at parties...

Yo dawg, I heard you like Dark Souls so we dressed you up as Dark Souls so you can be Dark Souls while you play Dark Souls!

Just because Bloodborne came out yesterday doesn't stop some places from already logging in 40+ hours, or cosplayers from assembling their own costumes based on prerelease footage. Check it out, it's pretty awesome.

You can purchase Bloodborne for PS4 right now. Expect many more incredible cosplays when Con season rolls around again this summer. We can't wait.

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