Magic The Gathering Expansion Dragons Of Tarkir Releases Tomorrow With Over 250 New Cards

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 26, 2015 02:01 PM EDT

Right now, there are boxes and boxes of Dragons of Tarkir just sitting in the back room of your local gaming store. Unopened boosters, Fat packs, starter decks hanging out, still in their vacu-seal containers. Above them, a clock ticks down the hours until tomorrow, when the latest expansion for Magic: The Gathering finally launches.

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The third set in the Khans of Tarkir block, Dragons of Tarkir boasts 264 new cards with a renewed focus on several of the mechanics introduced in both the Khans of Tarkir set and Fate Reforged, the second set. Bolster, Dash, Formidable, Rebound, Exploit and my personal favorite (due to my undying allegiance to the Onslaught block with my main man Ixidor), Megamorph. You can check up on how all the mechanics work HERE.

Each of the new and returning abilities corresponds to one (or more) of the titular dragons, who rule over the world of Tarkir and its people. The central character of the recent set of blocks, the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, traveled back in time to a critical turning point in the history of Tarkir and resurrected the great dragon Ugin after his defeat at the hands of the planeswalker dragon, Nicol Bolas. Now the dragons command the skies and it is, quite literally, a whole new world.

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Each Dragon leads a clan, a bi-colored group of humans that has adopted the particular traits of the dragon who leads them. They are all named after their dragon: Dromoka (Green / White), Ojutai (White / Blue), Silumgar (Blue / Black), Kolaghan (Black / Red) and Atarka (Red / Green). Don't worry, there are plenty of dual-colored cards to work with whichever dragon you swear allegiance.

Dragons of Tarkir will also launch via Magic Online on April 7 and will be one of the sets included in the new Magic Online Duels, the highly revamped version launching this summer.

We're too old to go standing out in front of a store to wait for something to get released, but we understand if you want to. Dragons of Tarkir is out tomorrow. Don't worry, some stores will be open at midnight. Check out all the cards coming your way and begin forming those decks now. Need some help? Read this for advice on how all the cards work and how to form decks around the new dragons!

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