'MLB 15: The Show' PS4 Video Shows Off New Visual Enhancements Such As Seasonal Lighting

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Mar 27, 2015 01:00 PM EDT

MLB 15: The Show is due out next week, with new bells and whistles improving on last year's release.

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MBL 14 was the first to make the jump to PS4, and now the developers have had time to take things further. The groundwork had been laid for the new graphics engine, and visual upgrades have continued to be added. A new trailer, below, shows off some of the added visual effects.

Chief among them are a new lighting and shadows engine, which changes real-time with the seasons. Sun positioning is not the same throughout the year, and the developers have put time into making the correct lighting in each stadium depending on what month it is. Now, sure, presumably nobody (or very few people) asked for such a feature to be added, but it's one more detail that makes The Show feel so authentic and carefully crafted.

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Speaking of which, the backdrops and stadium press box areas have been redesigned with more accuracy and detail. The dirt in the infield will also start out wet and dry out through the game, as you'd see in real life. The team has also recolored grass and dirt to match the exact hues in each ballpark. Like I said--carefully crafted.

As for other features coming this year, Franchise Mode has been refreshed with new Ownership Expectations, performance-based Player Progression, and better trade and contract logic. You can also, for the first time, carry over Road to the Show and Franchise files from MLB 14.

Sports equipment from real brands will be available for the first time, and 30 MLB legends will be available to collect for Dynasty, or you can use the whole pool in Franchise. There's also a new Directional Hitting interface, which allows you to influence the direction of your hits in real-time as you swing. Using the L-Stick, you can attempt to influence fly balls, ground balls, pushed hits, pulled hits, or any of those in combination. PS4 and PS3 have received various AI and logic upgrades, and PS4 has even more visual bells and whistles added from last year. MLB 15: The Show is releasing on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita April 1.

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