Candy Crush Saga Update Brings 15 New Levels And A Meat-tastic April Fools Prank [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 01, 2015 10:06 AM EDT

The problem with reporting on various game updates today is that, let's face it, developers are basically kids who have gotten run of the candy store. And what do kids love more than candy? Playing jokes on everyone. We can feel fairly certain, however, that the kids over at King are not punking us and that yes, there is an actual update for Candy Crush Saga.

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Version 1.50.1 of your mother's favorite mobile game brings along 15 new levels via the new episode, Truffle Terrace. New levels here in the States, at least.

However, coming along with the new levels, in what is most certainly an April Fools day prank, is the new "secret level" teased out by King, the game's developer. Because we've learned that sugar is actually way worse for you than various fats and proteins, which is to say 'meat', there is - possibly, but not likely - a new Bacon and Egg level where carnivores can get their fill.

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Where is it? Who knows. It may not technically exist, but given the fact that even watching people Candy Crush forces me to go the dentist's office, a meat-level sounds perfect. It will also keep me awake longer.

Now, 'Meat Cleaving', a new, protein-centric Candy Crush type game...can we make that happen?

If you think you can handle it, and you promise to not pester your friends on Facebook, you can download Candy Crush Saga today for absolutely free. But be warned...greater men and women than you have fallen under its sugary sweet influence.

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