Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Release Date Approaching, New 60 Frames Per Second Video Shows Off Upgraded Visuals

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 02, 2015 11:56 AM EDT

After several delays, the release of Grand Theft Auto V for PC is finally approaching. April 14 is the day as it stands, bringing the latest game in the franchise to the platform for the first time.

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A new 60fps, 1080p video has been released to show off the upgraded visuals--one of the main reasons fans have been waiting for the PC version. Powerful rigs can bring Los Santos to life in higher fidelity than any other platform has been able to so far, including the re-releases on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You can watch the new footage below, a mixture of the calmer parts and high-action drama of Grand Theft Auto V. From Michael sipping on a drink poolside to the characters pulling off a heist, it's a reminder the series has added an ever-increasing range of activities to take part in.

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As far as the visuals (undoubtedly the main reason for showing off this video), the game really does look great on PC. The jump from Xbox 360 and PS3 to the new consoles was understated, and things look even sharper here. The 60fps video makes this a really smooth viewing experience, a big difference from older gameplay clips.

The PC version will bring first-person mode and other upgrades that the PS4 and Xbox One versions received, with the added bonus of allowing mods. Past Grand Theft Auto titles have gotten great mod support from the community in the past, and it's one of the best reasons to own the games on PC. Now, barring any more delays, only two more weeks remain.

(There seems to be some trouble with the embed code as it stands--you can watch in fullscreen on Rockstar's site. Don't forget to switch to 1080p for full enjoyment!)

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