Tomb Raider Sales: Square Enix Announces 8.5 Million Copies Sold Of Crystal Dymanics' Reboot

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 06, 2015 01:27 PM EDT

The 2013 edition of Tomb Raider was perhaps a pleasant surprise, with Crystal Dynamics developing a very well-reviewed game on PS3 and Xbox 360. It has been a smashing commercial success as well, with Square Enix today announcing that the title has sold over 8.5 million copies.

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We knew the game sold well, and has since received a current generation remake known as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on PS4 and Xbox One (which no doubt helped sales). This number is nearly astronomical though, and Square Enix is no doubt happy with the performance.

"Tomb Raider ignited and expanded the fan base, pushing the series to a new level. The game's incredible sales success reflects the passionate response of players," said Darrell Gallagher, head of studio at Crystal Dynamics. "Our studio is proud of what we accomplished with the game."

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The game has sold more copies than any other in the long-running franchise, and picked up many awards and nominations the year of its release. It also set franchise sales records for its first day and month.

Tomb Raider served as an origin story and reboot for the franchise, which had admittedly seen some inconsistent releases over the years. An Xbox exclusive (for now) sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is in development and set for release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in holiday 2015.

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