Battlefield Hardline News: 2 Billion Minutes Played, Cops Have Won 52 Percent Of Rounds, And Other Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 08, 2015 03:14 PM EDT

Battlefield Hardline launched on all platforms March 17, and has become wildly popular with players in that time.

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EA released some statistics about the game today, showing just how much time fans have already poured into the new shooter. More than 2 billion minutes have been played (about 3,800 years of game time), with $901 billion of in-game cash earned.

What's the breakdown of these stats? The infographic below has all the details about which game modes have been played the most, which maps are favored, and everything else there is to know so far.

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One that actually has gameplay implications is the nearly even split of wins between the cops and robbers. It sits at a 52 percent win rate for the police, which is much better news than a 60-40 percent share or worse. It means the two sides are generally balanced in terms of objective difficulty, class strength, starting position, map layout, and more. Giving one side an inherent advantage is about the last thing you'd want to do developing a game like this, so I'm sure Visceral is glad to see things have played out pretty evenly.

I'm fairly surprised to see that not only is Hotwire the most popular mode, but Heist is the least popular. The bank robbery style mode seemed like the main draw in the coverage and beta, but players have apparently taken to the vehicle-based gametype. Go figure!

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