Watch The 'Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward' Expansion Opening Cinematic: Here, There Be Dragons [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 13, 2015 10:54 AM EDT

During the latest Final Fantasy XIV 'Letter from the Producer LIVE' event, Naoki Yoshida not only revealed many of the details players can expect to find when they head north to Ishgard in June, but also the game's opening cinematic.

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Be wary, though, the trailer does contain events that occur during the last main quest scenario in A Realm Reborn. Events that lead directly to the expansion that features content previously accessible only to players who defeated the highest difficulty of 'The Final Coil of Bahamut' raid.

"This now-complete video reveals the fate of archon Louisoix after the A Realm Reborn opening cinematic, the secret behind Bahamut's abrupt disappearance after he unleashed his fiery wrath upon Eorzea, and details on how the realm was reborn."

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And there are dragons. So very, very many dragons.

You can find the full summary of the Q&A event here. One of the most talked about new points in the expansion is the inclusion of airships; a mainstay of nearly every FF game, this will be the first time you can command and customize one. A long overdue joy.

Yoshida explained, "You'll need to combine four parts to build an airship: bow, hull, stern, and sail. There will be various types of each part, and depending how you combine them, the airships stats will change. You'll also be able to create multiple airships, so you can vary the types that are made.

Using the airships you built, we're planning to have content where you can explore the skies. The plan is to update this content in each patch. At the release of Heavensward you'll be able to search for a map and then request exploration to obtain various items. Additionally, in later updates, we're planning to allow players to ride the airships themselves to explore the skies. We'll be undertaking a challenge to make content that has never been made, so please look forward to it."

Check out the full cinematic below. Heavensward hits severs on June 23.

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