House Of Wolves Trailer Released: First Cinematic Video For Destiny's Next Expansion Takes Us To The Reef

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 13, 2015 01:33 PM EDT

As promised, the first video of Destiny expansion House of Wolves has been released.

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Bungie announced the release date for the game's second expansion earlier today, originally stating the debut trailer was now posted for viewing. The studio quickly followed up and explained that the announcement had been sent out prematurely, and that the video would be released later in the day.

That time has now come, giving us a cinematic trailer for the events that set up House of Wolves. It's not gameplay footage, or even a depiction of the events that will occur in the expansion, but a prologue for the missions Guardians will be able to undertake once it releases on May 19.

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As expected, the new content will focus around The Reef, until this point just a place to visit during the story for a few cutscenes. It's home of the Awoken (one of the game's playable races), who initially allowed The Fallen into their midst before being betrayed. As a result of those actions, the queen has chosen to 'open The Reef to the Guardians', allowing player characters deeper into their territory to dole out revenge.

The Reef was an expected location in part because of a leak that showed off a supposed new social hub set in the region. Dedicated players also deduced that The Fallen would feature in the next Raid, given the first two focused on the Vex (Vault of Glass) and the Hive (Crota's End) already. Enjoy the new footage below.

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