'Mortal Kombat X' Fatalities List: A Quick Guide To Every Character's Finishing Moves On PS4

By GameNGuide Staff , Updated Apr 15, 2015 12:01 PM EDT

Fatalities. It's why we started playing Mortal Kombat in the first place, and you shouldn't be surprised to hear that Mortal Kombat X not only has a ton of them, but likely the most brutal finishing moves of the series thus far.

Here's a list of all the known Fatalities in the game. Choose the character, win the match, and make sure you're the appropriate distance from your stunned opponent before you start entering the moves. Close should be right on top of them, Mid should be about a sweep length away, and far can be on the other side of the screen.

We'd say good luck but with this knowledge the only people that will be needing luck will be anyone that tries to fight you. Enjoy.

Cassie Cage

Bubble Head (Mid) - Forward, Down, Back, Forward, Square
Selfie (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, Circle


Bug Me (Mid) - Back, Forward, Back, X
Heart Broken (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle


Inner Workings (Mid) - Down, Up, Back, Square
Head Out (Mid) - Forward, Down, Down, Up

Erron Black

Sandstorm (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Down, Square
Six-Shooter (Far) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle

Ferra / Torr

Better Than One (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, X
Play Time (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Back, Back


Peek-A-Boo (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, Circle
Shokan Amputation (Close) - Back, Dpwn, Down, Up

Jacqui Briggs

Blown Out (Close) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle
Fist Pump (Close) - Forward, Down, Back, Circle


T-Wrecks (Close) - Forward, Back, Down, Triangle
Jack the Ribber (Close) - Down, Back, Forward, Forward

Johnny Cage

Here's Johnny (Close) - Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Square
Little Improv (Mid) - Forward, Back, Forward, Forward


Head Case (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, X
Knife to Meet You (Far) - Down, Down, Forward, Square


Tele-Copter (Far) - Back, Forwad, Back, Back
My Puppet (Far) - Forward, Down, Back, Up


DarkFan-tasy (Mid) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle
Splitting Hairs (Mid) - Back, Forward, Down, Down

Khotal Khan

Be Mine (Close) - Down, Back, Forward, Square
Tight Squeeze (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Triangle

Kung Jin

Target Practice (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, Triangle
Pinned Down (Mid) - Forward, Back, Down, Down, Square

Kung Lao

Face Grind (Close) - Down, Back, Down, Forward, Circle
Flower Pot (Close) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, Square

Liu Kang

Sore Throat (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Forward
Splitter (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, Up


Face Feast (Close) - Down, Back, Down, Back, X
Tasty Treat (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Triangle

Quan Chi

Mid Game (Far) - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, Circle
Both Ends (Close) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Triangle


Bug Eyes (Close) - Forward, Back, Forward, Square
Conducting Rod (Far) - Down, Forward, Back, Forward, Circle


Bad Breath (Far) - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Circle
Acid Bath (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Square


Stop Ahead (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Triangle
Who's Next? (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Up


The Grinder (Mid) - Down, Back, Forward, Down, Up
Flick Trick (Mid) - Down, Up+R2, Down, Up+R2

Sonya Blade

Target Marked (Close) - Down, Down, Back, Forward, R2
Head Hunter (Close) - Forward, Back, Down, Back, Triangle


Chest Kold (Close) - Back, Forward, Down, Back, Circle
Bed of Ice (Close) - Dadn, Back, Down, Forward, Circle


Whip It Good (Mid) - Down, Forward, Down, Back, Triangle
Head Cage (Mid) - Forward, Back, Down, Down, Square

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