New 'Blood Bowl 2' Trailer Is Pure Chaos: Next Playable Race Shown Off In All Its Violent Glory [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 16, 2015 12:23 PM EDT

It's a long wait until the next NFL season in September, but thankfully the fine folks over at Cyanide Studio are here to keep us satisfied. The company has released a new video outlining one of the many teams in their upcoming Warhammer adaptation, Blood Bowl 2.

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We've gotten a look at the all-around - and, kinda boring - human contingent. The latest trailer shows off the...aggression of one of the game's most volatile sportball units: Chaos. Rather than 'playing the game' or 'following the rules', Chaos thrives on precisely that, chaos. Sure, other teams can try and play the game, but isn't it much easier to win a game when your opponent is lying helpless, bloody and maimed? With no one left to stop you, you can just march right into the end zone.

The Chaos team also features "one neat trick": the innate ability to mutate to adjust to the other team's tactics. Need more oomph? You can upgrade to pack a more powerful punch, or give your members the ability to decrease enemy defenses.

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Plus, they got some frightening visual updates, too, adding tentacles and other horrifying proboscis to already intimidating minotaur-esque bruisers.

There are eight playable races in Blood Bowl 2, so we hopefully should be getting to see more of them at work in the very near future. The game is out for PC, Xbox One and PS4 this spring. Kick off time is soon, folks! Very soon!

Watch Chaos in action below.

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