Madden 16 Release Date Announced, No Other Details Revealed Yet

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 17, 2015 01:19 PM EDT

There aren't many other details at this point, but we do now know Madden 16's release date.

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EA announced the news without much fanfare yesterday, revealing an August 25 launch for the next iteration of the popular football sim. This is all we have to work with right now:

"Hey football fans, we're sure you're getting pumped for the NFL Draft, and now there's one more thing to get excited about: Madden NFL 16 is in development and will launch on August 25, 2015."

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So, you know, that's that. The real-life draft is approaching, and EA is confident in its launch date to make it official. That release date is exactly one day after Madden 15's from last year (and Madden 25 the year before released on August 27), so this should definitely be expected for anyone following the series.

Madden 15 is a good entry in the series, but you have to hope Madden 16 mixes it up more than the past few years. More than any other franchise, yearly Madden releases are derisively referred to as paid roster updates, and the publisher admittedly does not always do much to combat that notion. Better player control and defense on the field this year helped to improve the gameplay, but it seems there should be more the developers can do on new hardware to continue evolving the franchise. Hopefully, Madden 16 can surprise us all.

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