'Disney Infinity 3.0' Rumored Characters: None Of The Notables Leaked Are From 'Star Wars'? VIDEO

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 20, 2015 01:41 PM EDT

The still unannounced Disney Infinity 3.0 has gotten its first news leak, with a Chinese retailer outlining several of the characters we may see in the upcoming sandbox title.

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The images were quickly pulled from the site Infinity Inquisitor, but purports that fans can expect at least 11 new characters to be heading to the digital space: including Olaf from Frozen, Tron Legacy's Sam Flynn and Quorra, classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mulan, and five characters from this summer's delightful looking Inside Out.

All images were pulled at the request of Disney, but they are surely out there somewhere in the great miasma of the internet.

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You may notice something missing from this initial line-up: Star Wars. Disney bought the rights to the universe several years ago and, after the success of Disney Infinity 2.0, which introduced the Marvel heroes into the fold, is the next logical step in the franchise. Or maybe we're just all a little crazy because The Force Awakens trailer is so good.

Still, given that the first live action Star Wars film in a decade hits this December, around the same time Disney Infinity 3.0 would be arriving on consoles worldwide, it would seem to be the perfect time to bring the Jedi into the thick of things.

It's also entirely possible that Disney 3.0 could focus on the dark times of Disney by introducing or expanding characters and items from The Black Cauldron (where a sword is available), The Rescuers, Robin Hood, as well as the darker live action fare like Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal.

Which, now that I say it out loud, is not a terrible idea. Either way, we're looking forward to seeing what Disney has in store for the next entry into the series.

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