'Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter' Match Three Title Announced For Mobile Devices

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 23, 2015 10:53 AM EDT

Oh, so a great new, successfully funded Kickstarter board game wasn't enough? Nor were not one, but two - yes, two - new movies good enough for you? Now you had to go and make a match three mobile game based on Ghostbusters? Because they did. They really did, and it's coming in June.

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Sony has partnered with Beeline Interactive, Inc. to bring everyone's favorite slightly mad scientists-turned-paranormal investigators to the small screen in Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter. Collect the original crew - as well as Slimer, Zuul and more - in this part puzzle, part card game that is sure to incite some sort of fanboy rage.

From the official press release. "Slug it out as Ghostbusters or ghosts as you fight your way to the top, earning and collecting character cards to strengthen your busting crew. Follow the antics of the entire Ghostbusting team (including the original Ghostbusters, Ron Alexander's Ghostsmashers from the IDW comic book series, and even Janine Melnitz's own Ghostbusting crew!) as they go toe to toe with the forces of evil in Story Mode or face greater challenges in the live online Events of Versus Mode."

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The game will be based heavily on the films, and will let you relive the battles against Gozer the Gozerian, Vigo the Carpathian, plus a host of minor supernatural demons and imps that the gang runs across during the duology.

Few other details have emerged, but you can bet that this will be a free to play affair. Dan Aykroyd has to eat somehow, after all.

But obviously the best part is that none of those pesky women are anywhere near here. As is proper, amirite?

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