Nintendo eShop And Virtual Console Update, April 23: 'Mario Kart 8' DLC, 'Mario Kart DS' For Wii U & More

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 23, 2015 03:10 PM EDT

Thursday may be exciting for most because it means the end of the week is near, but it also means something else to loyal Nintendo fans: an eShop and Virtual Console update has arrived!

The weekly update means new games and downloadable content is available, with this week (particularly on Wii U) featuring much of the latter. There are new titles as well, though, so let's dive in and see what we've got.

- Mario Kart 8 Update and DLC Pack 2: The new free software update for Mario Kart 8 is now available, chief among the additions the new super fast 200CC mode. DLC Pack 2 is here, too, with three new characters, four new vehicles and eight new tracks. This one, of course, will cost you--Nintendi has priced it at DLC Pack 2 $7.99 individually, or bundled with Pack 1 for $11.99.

- Super Smash Bros. DLC - Mewtwo: Mewto is not available just yet, but they've posted him to the eShop now because his release date comes before next Thursday. Starting on April 28, you can purchase and download Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS for $3.99 each game or for $4.99 for both versions.

- Mario Kart DS: The quality racing title for the original DS is now available on Wii U.Race along with Mario and his friends in five single-player modes and over 30 courses. Knock out the competition with your driving skills as you rocket-start the race, use drifting and turbo at critical points and deploy crazy items to gain an advantage.

- Cube Creator 3D - In what sounds just a little like Minecraft, Cube Creator 3D allows you to "craft your own realm in stunning randomly generated worlds". You can "gather resources, combine elements, explore new worlds and combat strange creatures" in the big geometric world as you attempt to survive. The game will be discounted to just $4.99 until May 8 to celebrate the launch. You can watch a trailer here.

There are also several sales on tap. Tetrobot & Co., Cocoto Magic Circus 2 are discounted on Wii U, and Korg DSN-12, Korg M01D, Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition, Van Helsing Sniper Zx100, Soccer Up 3D and Soccer Up Online are on sale for 3DS. Tune in next week for more release and sales news!

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