'Heavenstrike Rivals' Update Patch 3.0 Fixes A Host Of Connectivity Issues, Reduces File Size And More

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 28, 2015 04:25 PM EDT

Square Enix has launched a new update for its F2P mobile strategy title Heavenstrike Rivals. It's huge, it's massive, it...actually decreases the size of the game entirely!

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All the better to allow you to download more updates later. With so many games to choose from and play, space certainly becomes an issue (especially on devices that cannot be upgraded, like iPhones).

This is a complete overhaul of Heavenstrike, which launched earlier this year. The version 3.0.0 update also adds A new introduction sequence to PvP matches, streamlined battle screen UI (the Auto button has been moved and fast-forward lasts beyond the end of a turn) and the addition of a turn counter in PvP battles.

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PlayerThe opportunity to obtain the Prison Warden as a bonus unit with your next core pack purchase, as well as easier access to Recruitment from the Squad screen, new sound effects and a fast forward mode when you simply do not have the time. It's all meant to bring about an easier, more enjoyable and ultimately faster gameplay experience.

Version 3.0.0 also fixes several bugs, including crashes, connectivity issues and various instability errors that crop up between screens.

In Heavenstrike Rivals, players enter a war-torn world on the brink of extinction and embark on an epic adventure full of simple yet highly immersive tactical battles. The once-prosperous aerial kingdom of Lunnain lies in tatters, assaulted from above by the Fallen - ruthless monsters of nightmare who seek only complete destruction. But the people will not take their fate lying down, and their strike back at the heavens starts now.

Download it on iOS and Android today.

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