'Warface' Update 'Operation Endless Skies' Takes Players Into The Heart Of Darkness With Five New Maps [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 29, 2015 08:51 AM EDT

It has been a long, brutal campaign in the frozen north, but the weather is about to change. Operation Endless Skies, the newest Warface update, has launched today and it has brought sunny weather, all new jungle terrain and lots and lots of fun ways to die.

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The most expansive update adds five new maps, each offering a new "gameplay challenges and a distinctive visual style inspired by the landscapes of the African continent." Hit the coast and stalk the enemy through a grounded cargo ship in "Overboard"; fight to survive the hidden dangers of "Jungle Law"; take to higher ground in "Deadly Dam"; infiltrate a hidden lab in "Hollow Science"; and enter an ancient theater of war in "Coliseum"

Additionally, Operation Endless Skies also introduces the first new multiplayer mode to Warface: Capture the Flag. In the map 'Breach', defending teams fortify a warehouse and fend off rival players attempting to blast their way in with C4. "As defensive barricades are blown apart and smoke begins to fill the building, both sides will have to keep their cool as they struggle for possession of a precious brief case."

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Players wishing to cool off will also find a new update to the Safe House before hitting the front line. Three new weapons are ready to part your money from you, as well as four futuristic armor vests that add extra durability and style in battle.

If you can't stand the heat, maybe you should get out of Africa. Sign up today for free and start playing Warface today.

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