'Wolfenstein: The Old Blood' Guide: Tips For Escaping Nazi Zombies & Finding Hidden 'Wolfenstein 3D' Levels

By Alex Riviello , Updated May 06, 2015 07:30 PM EDT

We’re absolutely in love with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which is about a perfect as a follow-up to The New Order as we could have hoped for. One thing that may surprise people is that the game feels much tougher! Here are some tips for surviving the Nazi enemies, and finding some goodies on the way.

Take out the officers right away

Even if you’re like me and absolutely despise stealth sections, it pays to be stealthy here. It may be annoying, but as in the original game there are officers that can call in reinforcements if you're discovered before silently taking them out. When you enter an area with officers it will let you know and a compass will appear showing how far away they are and what direction to find them. Head for them as soon as possible and take them out with your pistol with the silencer on, or stab them in the back with your handy pipe.

If you don’t, you run the risk of them calling in backup, and continuing to do so until they’re dead. There’s no way to turn off the alarm once it’s been raised without killing them!

After they're dead no alarm will ever raise no matter how many explosions you cause sthe general idea is- stealth first, mayhem later.

Dual wield smartly

Speaking of, when you’re in an intense battle there’s nothing like dual wielding, but don’t be dumb about it. If you’re fighting at a distance it’s best to keep to one gun at a time so you can aim and pop off headshots while ducking behind cover, but when you’re running and gunning you need all the firepower you can get. Holding two assault rifles or shotguns at the same time means you have that much less time spent reloading- at least, if you only shoot one gun at a time. Try to stick to only pressing one trigger at a time until it's empty and you'll almost never be without bullets, although of course you'll have double the reload time.

Disregard this for the moments when you're up against an armored Supersoldaten, as once you reveal their weak spot you can take it down in no time by unloading on it with both shotguns at once.

Overcharge, overcharge, Overcharge

It may feel like you're wasting a health pack, but if you ever find yourself about to jump into a battle, grab all the health and armor you can find. Overcharging them to 200 can make the difference between survival and restarting from a checkpoint, and you generally have way more pickups than you'll ever be able to use in this game, anyway.

Aim for the head

This should go without saying but once the zombies show up, shoot them right in their undead fascist noggins. They're incredibly weak and a single shot from a pistol can take them out, so aim well and you'll never run out of ammo. Just be careful for the ones that pack rifles...

Look for beds

In Wolfenstein: The New Order there was one Wolfenstein 3D "nightmare" level which let you play through the first level of Wolfenstein 3D. It was such an obvious hit with the fans that in every single of the eight chapters in this game there's a new hidden level from Wolfenstein 3D, which is impressive as some of the original levels are lengthy.

There will generally be a screenshot of the game somewhere nearby as well. Completing each nightmare level will earn you another acheivement/trophy.

Always keep your eyes open

There are hidden secrets absolutely everywhere in this game, and if you don’t look carefully you’ll miss them. Take the video below- we found a wall underneath a huge mural that was obviously hiding a hidden room. It would have been easy to follow the waypoint and leave the room but a little exploration and we found a key for an artifact that unlocked a room that was full of secrets, and one helluva interview.

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