'Destiny House Of Wolves' Video Preview: Bungie Explains All The New Features, Modes & Content In The Expansion

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 08, 2015 02:29 PM EDT

The next Destiny expansion, House of Wolves, is finally nearing its launch. New areas and content will be opened up to Guardians on May 19, and Bungie has released a video overview to show off its features.

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Bungie recently hosted a series of livestreams to show off the new content and game modes individually, giving us a piecemeal look at House of Wolves. The new video, below, sums up all of the additions alongside developer commentary.

It's the most whole look at the expansion we've seen yet, and is the best way to get an understanding of what's being added--particularly if you didn't watch the live streams. The most exciting general change is the ability to upgrade any legendary and exotic gear to the new attack cap, 365. That's right, Guardians--your trusty Fatebringer, Vanquisher VII, and other favorite gear will be made relevant again, and kept that way.

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You'll have a reason to use old weapons, and the variety in arsenal you'll see out there will be greatly increased as a result. You can do the same to armor, bumping it to the maximum defense and light level (the new light level cap will be 34).

That's a great general change (alongside alterations to material exchanges and more), but there are specific new game modes as well. Trials of Osiris serves as a more competitive Crucible experience with its own gear rewards and 3v3 no-respawn play. Prison of Elders is an Arena mode with waves of enemies and matchmaking--though the hardest difficulties requires a pre-made party. Find more about all of this in the video below.

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