'Destiny' Update 1.2.0 Release Delayed, Bungie Explains Status Of The Crucible-Centric Patch

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 13, 2015 05:42 PM EDT

Destiny's 1.2.0 update has hit a bit of a snag before coming out of the gate, leading Bungie to issue a statement ahead of its release.

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The update is set to overhaul The Crucible (Destiny's competitive multiplayer) by revamping the rewards system and freshening up the map cycle. Its release has not come yet, though, and Community Manager Deej took to the forums to explain its status:

"I've spoken with the finest minds at Bungie about Update 1.2.0 just moments ago. They're working to correct a late-breaking technical issue that would have impacted the way the game launches for a large portion of you. Progress is being made.

We'll be sharing new details on the deployment schedule that leads to House of Wolves as soon as they become facts. At the very least, you'll hear from me once a day about this. Hang in there, and thank you for your patience."

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Here's an overview of the changes to The Crucible coming in 1.2.0:

- The spawn locking issue currently affecting Iron Banner will be fixed

- Legendary items will be added to post-game reward tables for all Crucible activities

- Your first match in the daily featured Crucible activity will earn you a new reward package each day

- Reputation and Mark gains will double for each completed Crucible match

- Etheric Light will become available for acquisition from Lord Saladin upon reaching Rank 3 and Rank 5 in Iron Banner

- And, finally, maps from The Dark Below will become the domain of all and be added to the standard rotation for select playlists

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