Silver Edition Mario amiibo Figure Announced, Coming To Retailers May 29 [IMAGE]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 14, 2015 10:06 AM EDT

The amiibo craze shows no signs of stopping, and Nintendo is stoking the fires with the announcement of a Silver Mario figure.

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The Mario - Silver Edition amiibo will be made available at retailers on May 29, for the usual price of $12.99. This particular figure won't be exclusive to any one retailer, which should increase its availability.

The amiibo's functionality will be the same as the other Mario figures released, such as the normal Super Mario Bros and Gold Edition amiibo. You can see a full compatibility list here.

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Supply for amiibo has been a huge issue, with most figures selling out almost immediately after becoming available. This was particularly bad with the last wave, when several retailer-exclusive figures were released at strange times and snatched up before some consumers even had a chance to purchase in their time zones. Long lines and confusion reigned over Gamestop's exclusive Ness release, and Greninja and Jigglypuff didn't fare much better.

Nintendo has addressed the concerns over the supply issues, apologizing to consumers for the frustrating situation. The publisher says it will do better in the future, both in terms of supplying more units and better communicating launch and availability to fans. It's clearly found a huge commercial hit with the amiibo figures, as has Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but the handling of releases can surely be improved.

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