'Destiny House Of Wolves' Prison Of Elders Gameplay Video: Watch 2 Runs Through Level 28 & 32 Arenas

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 19, 2015 06:22 PM EDT

Destiny expansion House of Wolves has finally arrived, and I've been able to dive in head first since the content went live earlier today.

Destiny's House Of Wolves Expansion Is Now Live, Details Here

I first ran through some of the new bounties in familiar territory on Venus and the moon, and explored the new Vestian Outpost social hub. I spent the most time in Prison of Elders, however, and you can watch my two runs through the new mode's Level 28 and Level 32 arenas in the video below.

Prison of Elders is a cooperative arena mode in which you fight through difficult enemy waves across multiple rounds, which will include at least one boss battle. The Level 28 run is first in the video, and is required before you can attempt the higher levels. You can enter matchmaking for the Level 28 mission, but higher levels require a set party.

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I played with the same two companions through both, and we eventually conquered each. The waves were a lot of fun, and genuinely challenging. The Level 32 arena boasted two boss battles as its final two rounds, and they were much more difficult than what we had faced before. You can watch the trial and error below, which included many enemy kills. The rounds cycle through The Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal, and each one comes with a modifier that usually makes life more difficult for the players (it will occasionally buff you, though).

There's a huge chest and two smaller chests at the end of each mission if you can survive all the rounds, though I unfortunately missed out. I joined my two partners as they were jumping into the Prison of Elders before I had completed the story mission line, missing out on a key for the chest, and never found any keys in the prowling wolves Patrol chests. Either way, you're guaranteed to get some loot by doing these missions--watch me take on their challenges below.

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