New 'Crossy Road' Update Adds Quests, Six New Characters To Unlock, Including Archie, Jughead &... Michael Bay?!

By Alex Riviello , Updated May 20, 2015 06:22 PM EDT

Today Hipster Whale has released another update for their acclaimed updated take on Frogger, Crossy Road, bringing us six new characters and a brand new quest system.

The quests offer players a brand new way to get bonus coins. Before this update you could get extra coins in two ways- you can get 20 coins by watching an ad, or a random number as a gift every few hours. Now there are quests that can be completed for a gift as well.

The first one we saw was a simple quest that made you scare four birds. As with the bonus coins, once it's completed it needs some time to reset- 5:09 hours after our first completed quest.

The new characters seem to mostly be from other games. The ones immediately available for purchase/unlocking are:




As well as three mystery characters that are not available from the prize machine. As with past updates you'll have to perform some tricks to unlock them- here's what they are and how to unlock them.

Jughead - Play as Archie and eat all the hamburgers you can. They're Jughead's favorite- collect enough and you'll unlock him.

Rugby Player - You have to find a tree with a rugby ball on top, apparently. This is the hardest character to unlock in the game and we're not quite sure how to do it ourselves- let us know in the comments if you've figured it out!

Michael Boom - Play as any character, find the rocket car and crash into it. You'll cause a massive explosion and unlock the alter-ego of Michael Bay, who plays with tons of explosions and planes zooming by overhead. 

And that's it for this update! A smaller one than usual but that just means it's easier to get all the new characters! Good luck crossing that road.

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