New 'League Of Legends' Champion Ekko Gets An Introductory Online Comic

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 21, 2015 05:28 PM EDT

Riot Games has released an online comic to further introduce its newest League of Legends champion, Ekko.

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The developers recently revealed the character in a cinematic video, demonstrating his ability to rewind time through the use of a device. The new Chronobreak comic, which you can read now on Riot's site, delves further into Ekko's back story.

In the intro video, we saw that Ekko's time travel does not seem to reverse any ill effects he suffers. He's shown trying to fight the same large enemy, rewinding when he doesn't execute his attack perfectly and takes a hit. Time reverses back and he's given a chance to try again, but Riot makes a point to show that he's hurting from each blow, even after he rewinds.

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The comic shows the same rewinding ability in action, with Ekko attempted to get from one point to another faster than his previous attempt. Even his abilities can't solve every problem, though, and time is a difficult opponent to face. Head over to the website and click through the comic pages pane by bane or use your arrow keys to navigate. It's beautifully drawn, and tells a good concise story that helps flesh out the new hero--even if League of Legends isn't exactly story-focused.

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