'Destiny' Trials Of Osiris Guide: House Of Wolves' New Crucible Mode Begins Today, Find Out When & How To Play

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 22, 2015 10:23 AM EDT

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion has been testing the mettle of Guardians in new challenges since its launch earlier this week, but not everything has been available just yet.

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The new Crucible challenge, Trials of Osiris, will become accessible for the first time today. The competitive 3v3 mode will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern) and run through to the reset on Tuesday morning.

The Trials of Osiris will challenge you to enter with a well-oiled Fireteam--simply playing the mode is not enough. The rewards are handed out for how well you do: each team that enters plays until it either wins nine games or loses three matches. The rewards at Brother Vance in the Vestian Outpost are accessible depending on the number of wins you manage to compile. Win just two and you can buy the Stone Tier reward package. The rewards go up to the Gold Tier package, available if you manage to win all nine matches, with other packages and some gear awarded at three, five, six, and seven wins.

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You must buy the Trials Passage item from Brother Vance to compete (requires House of Wolves), and there are some buff items available as well. The Favor of Osiris will start you off with one win, the Mercy of Osiris will forgive your first loss, and if you win your next match the Boon of Osiris will make the win count twice. Form a reliable Fireteam and get out there, Guardians!

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