'The Witcher 3' Free DLC Released, Missing Miners Mission & Alternate Yennefer Outfit Now Available

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 27, 2015 11:30 AM EDT

CD Projekt RED has released the next two Witcher 3: Wild Hunt DLCs announced earlier this week.

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A new mission is now available for free download, as is the alternate character appearance. The first is a new contract quest titled Missing Miners, while the other is an alternative look for Yennefer, seen in the image above.

The mission description is pretty straightforward, telling us that miners from a small Skellige village are disappearing. Geralt agrees to investigate, and it's up to the player to take it from there.

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The developers promised 16 free DLC releases following the game's launch, and four of them are already available. The two pieces of content were revealed on CD Projekt's Facebook, which stated that they would be released sometimes this week, but did not specify exactly when. They are available now, and have joined the first two (Temerian Armor Set and a beard and hairstyle set for Geralt).

CD Projekt has a page up on GOG (the developer owns the digital games store) that tracks and details all of the DLC released so far. It includes a general description of their vision for the DLC, and images and explanations of each pack as they come.

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