Tera Online Turns Three

By Jonathan Benito , Updated Jun 04, 2015 08:19 PM EDT

May 2015 marks Tera's third year in the MMORPG market and they've extended their celebration. To show their appreciation to the fans, they're giving away free in-game items. Tera's recent expansion to Steam has been very successful and it was the perfect avenue to introduce their new Gunner class to the players. If you have not signed up yet, you have until June 10, 2015 to grab the in-game freebies.

Tera Online is truly one of the very few free to play success stories in the industry. The saturated MMORPG scene has been killing off great titles and the ones that do survive hide behind a pay wall. The subscription model seems the logical decision for a high-end graphics game like Tera, and by doing the opposite, it disproves the notion that you can only get great service and great content if you pay for it. It also broke down the preconceived notions about the item mall by limiting the purchases to exp scrolls and cosmetic items that don't have a huge impact in the game.  

It's hard not to follow the footsteps of World of Warcraft, seeing as how it earns $15.00 from 10 million subscribers each month.  Thankfully, the Tera management found their own niche and was able to gain the support of more than four million active players to date. The game has good content that is constantly updated and there are videos and events weekly for the fans to enjoy.

Signing up today can get you three permanent cosmetic items that you can redeem by entering the codes to the official En Masse account. Apart from the freebies, you can also get a chance to win codes for the new Panda box if you share the news on social media and a chance to win a Steam-Powered Pack worth $59.99.  

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