Psycho Pass in Avabel Online

By Jonathan Benito , Updated Jun 23, 2015 08:47 PM EDT

Avabel Online, a smartphone MMORPG game for both Android and iOS, has announced a collaboration with the sci-fi anime, Pyscho Pass according to an article by Crunchyroll. Members of Unit 1 will be available as character skins, including wigs, costumes and the trademark weapon of the series, the Dominator. The Unit 1 characters along with Taro and Hanako, the multipurpose police mascot in the series, will also be available on the Japanese servers from today until July 23.

Avabel Online follows the free to play model that includes the item mall function for in-game purchases. The game is a grind-based level up system and you would have to rely on character achievements for big boosts during the early parts of the game. Character customization is limited to three or four types of complexion, hair style and hair color.

Players will have access to eight different classes upon reaching level five: warrior, rogue, ranger, acolyte, creator and wanderer. Advanced classes are also available for characters who reach level 50. Players are also given a free hand in distributing character stats and the skill tree is upgradeable at any time just as long as you have enough exp points to spend.

Avabel features several game channels to avoid overpopulation and the maps are divided into floors that are progressively harder than the last. PvP areas are designated and dungeons are also accessed through an NPC. The system allows free movement during combat and allows you to physically dodge attacks by moving away or circling the enemy. Free targeting allows you to damage multiple enemies at once and automatically turns to the direction of the enemy once in combat.

Psycho Pass has recently finished its second season last January 2015 in North America. The story is set in the year 2113 and the entire populace's mental state is constantly monitored and policed by the government in order to predict crimes. There is no news on the Avabel website, whether these new skins will be offered beyond July 23. The game is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. 

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