Candy Crush/Clash of Clans Equals Popularity Of Facebook For Most Downloaded App For iOS

By Bjorn Ramos , Updated Sep 03, 2015 01:53 AM EDT

In the next couple of weeks, Apple will be launching their latest flagship devices and probably the most anticipated devices that Apple has yet to offer; the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 7, and Apple TV. However, these devices won't be that exciting without the applications, and to veer away from the looming event, let us look into the top iOS application downloaded for the past years, the applications which made the devices special and enjoyable for the consumers.

Aside from making calls or sending short messages or SMS, these phones were also developed, through the course of time, to perform like a normal game console, which leads us into mobile games. The top most downloaded game application for iOS is King's Candy Crush.

Candy Crush took the entire universe like a hurricane with no remorse. The super addictive game has surpassed the success of Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Clash of clans. However, Clash of Clans is not far from Candy Crush's success and is also taking the tech world by storm.

Next would be the social media websites Twitter and Skype. As a matter of fact, Skype is the only Microsoft brand to make it in the top downloaded iOS application. For some experts, Skype is the dark horse of all the applications developed; in general, it made communications better and faster.

On the other hand, Twitter is one of the biggest revelations made in the social media arena. Twitter had basically the entire tech world on its tiny palms, considering its limited characters platform.

The biggest of all the applications is without a doubt Facebook. Facebook alone has captured not only the tech world but a lot of industries as well. Facebook's success was indeed phenomenal considering that its platform is basically a rip off of the previously successful Friendster.

But how did Facebook took over the social media world? The answer is simple, through mobile devices, Friendster overlooked the then emerging technology and focused on the portable computers and personal computers.

Fast forward, Friendster is history and Facebook is the present, and has no intentions in stopping. Mobile device applications are at the heart and soul of any smartphone, most especially games. Mobile games have booked, in the past few years, the most sales with regards to mobile devices applications.

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