Apple Watch Gaming In The Works: Apps To Look Out For And News On How Independent It Can Be

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated Apr 26, 2016 06:04 AM EDT

A year after its first release, Apple Watch aims to kick off wrist-based wearable gaming. Developers enthusiastically revived the possibility of creating new gaming applications suitable to the capabilities of the Apple Watch. Starting June 1, the App Store will only accept native apps submission for all new watchOS applications.

According to MacWorld, there are still reservations on whether users will proactively support wrist-based gaming but developers, with the help of Apple, remain excited. The CEO and President of Eyewear games, Aki Järvilehto said that "Smartwatch games are very, very different from mobile games." With the success of their two Apple Watch games, Järvilehto explained that they key to having Apple Watch game hit is fully understanding the concept of the "glance-based entertainment" condensed in lightning fast but exciting gaming session.

MacWorld also released the top 12 Apple Watch games one must play such as 'Armed with Fun', 'Rules' and 'Letter Zap'. It seems that 'Apple Watch' games' success is measured in the number of times a user play in a span of a day, a week or a month.

However, a number of people still do not see the point in playing in a small device when an iPhone, with a bigger screen, is present to provide a fuller experience. Jacob William, an indie game developer, see the Apple Watch as an extension of the iPhone rather than a replacement. "Doing anything for more than about two minutes on the Watch is uncomfortable. This wasn't going to work for me as a developer, and I didn't believe it was going to work for gamers," William added.

On the contrary, Forbes were quick to negate the Apple Watch's dependability on the iPhone as a product. At least in the United States, it stated that 50 percent of Americans, combined the 75 percent of current Apple Watch owners, believe that the citizens in the next 10 years will be sporting smart watches.

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