Mass Effect Goes Anime with Paragon Lost

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 16, 2012 10:42 AM EDT

Mass Effect goes the anime route to explain what happened before the third game. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost will fill out the desperate shadow of what James Vega (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) did before the Reapers came to Earth in Mass Effect 3. Paragon Lost will be released November 13 on DVD and Blu-Ray by Funimation, the folks who also hold the license for Dragon Ball Z and Casshern Sins.

Paragon comes from writer Henry Gilroy, whose previous credits include Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show and G.I. Joe: Renegades, and director Atsushi Takeuchi, another Clone Wars vet. The voice cast is up in the air, but it's safe to assume most of the voice actors--sans Shepherd and the "core"--will show up to grunt a few lines about saving the Earth.

From their press release:

"Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the prequel to the highly-anticipated Mass Effect 3 and follows the early career of Alliance Marine, James Vega. Vega leads an elite Special Forces squad into battle against a mysterious alien threat known as The Collectors. Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his soldiers must protect the civilians from a ruthless invasion determined to capture the population for unknown purposes. Learn more about the Mass Effect universe with an unprecedented glimpse into the haunted past of Mass Effect's newest hero!"

And by "newest hero" they clearly mean "please don't equate the ending with us and buy our film!"

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