‘Street Fighter 5’ DLC Release Date, News & Update: Capcom Introduces Guile As Newest ‘Street Fighter’? Know More Details Here

By Jaja Agpalo , Updated May 02, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

Several fans have celebrated when the "Street Fighter 5" game has already been released. Now, new reports are claiming that there is an upcoming character in the upcoming "Street Fighter 5" DLC.

Guile arriving in the next 'Street Fighter 5' DLC

Rumor shave it that Guile is the largest addition to "Street Fighter 5" game. If proven true, he will be the second character who is introduced via DLC.

According to reports, Guile will be free for all "Street Fighter 5" players until the Zenny item store opens. However, after this, gamers will be required to pay via the virtual currency or earn it in by playing the game so they could add Guile to their character lineup.

Guile's storyline in "Street Fighter 4" focuses on his journey in searching Sonic Boom's creator Charlie Nash after he noticed French MMA fighter Abel using the same technique. However, no official word was released as to what Guile's storyline would be in the "Street Fighter 5" game.

What sure for now is that Guile will remain a solid option for both air and ground control. Aside from that, Guile is also said to have a crouch walk state called as "Faultless Move," which allows him to keep charge while he moves.

'Street Fighter 5' DLC additional features

An Air Force Base stage will also be added in the game thru a "Street Fighter 5" DLC aside from the additional character. Soon to be available in the in-game shop, players can get this feature by paying 70,000 fight money. For those who have purchased the "Street Fighter 5" Season Pass, this feature will be free.

Moreover, Capcom has revealed via its official blog that it will "refine" the overtime feature. The game developer even promised for more developments in the future.

Apart from that, the upcoming "Street Fighter 5" DLC will feature some progress on its matchmaking feature. Aside from making it easier for players to create and connect Battle Lounges, Capcom also vowed a faster and much-improved matchmaking times.

As for its release date, no one can confirm up until now. Hence, "Street Fighter 5" gamers should keep their fingers crossed until Capcom decides to unveil their big surprise!

Are you excited about the arrival of Guile via "Street Fighter 5" DLC update? What are the things you expect in the upcoming "Street Fighter 5" DLC? Share to us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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